Writing My Success Story

As a 12th student, I have to speaking and writing my essay. I have to make the essay for passing the last examination in high school. It is a wonderful experience as something so transformational. I have to make an essay that the topic is definite. Then, It is presenting in front of my teacher in a limited time. Maybe, It is going to amazing experience and unforgetable work I do. I never mind if could do it now.

This is one of my biggest occasion to train speaking fluency and makes the listener clearly understand what I said. Once a step to go for success is this speech, Because great success is a compilation of small acts. I absolutely had a great happiness and strange feeling. I really want to blurt out all that popped into my head. The effect of the transition from timid to brave help me become something.

My success in this speech will change everything that I think I can not do it. Have the opportunity to speech taught me “How to confidence to myself?” It is an important practise for more confidence. I am striving to breakthrough limit that give me to do more breakthrough in the future. I will continue this practise for improving my soft skill.

Finally, I my opinion, Success is changing to better once. It does not matter if that changed just a piece of effect. Moreover, I want to share this story, because I hope to see people around me motivated. Then, I am not sad anymore, life must go. We could not change the past, but We can reach our dream in future.


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